Every women searching for a fulfilling love life should read His Secret Obsession Review.  If you are tired to always wait for the best next thing, this outstanding guide will teach you how to attract ANY man and make him addicted to you. 

About His Secret Obsession

James Bauer has been a relationship coach for over twelve years. During this time, he has worked with many women. Together, they have dealt with various relationship difficulties. He mostly worked with them on their approach to men…specially good looking men with many options. The most common question was how to get any man to commit and make him addicted to you.

Also, he has helped them process the emotional pain caused by their failed romances. Thus, he helped them learn from their mistakes. He also taught them how to take a better approach to building meaningful relationships.

make him addicted to youA friend of his once contacted him and told him through tears that her boyfriend, has left her. This was a woman who was approachable and kind, and yet couldn’t keep a man by her side. An even more shocking fact was that they seemed truly in love.

James and Rachel went through her and her ex’s correspondence. That’s when James saw a sentence that looked familiar. Then, he went through his notes from the meetings with his other clients.

That was when he realized there was a pattern in all of the brake ups his clients had faced. It was this one sentence that made all the men grow distant.

Based on this one line, he thought of a ”countercharm”, a 12-word phrase which would help his friend win back her ex. After a close inspection of all of his notes, he realized there were much more of these simple lines.

However, they could trigger something within a man’s heart that made him love a woman for a lifetime. These phrases are the basis of his book called His Secret Obsession. It works absolutely even with any  guy that you might think he’s out of your league and they just want to have fun without commitment. You will make him addicted to you within few weeks.


What are the 12 words Rachel sent to her ex that restored their relationship? Well, James has put them in his book. Besides, there is a number of other effective phrases. He came up with all of them while listing through his jottings from different sessions.

Each of the phrases is applicable for different situation. James also says that each of them can be used regardless of the state of your relationship. They can be modified to fit any stage and situation in a relationship you might be facing.

But it’s not just a list of phrases. Each of them comes with a step-by-step instruction on how to “use” them.

All in all, this book is presented as a user-friendly mistake-proof manual, specially on how to win over a man. And you will do it without him even knowing why he feels so strongly for you.

How Does It Work?

His secret obsession reviewAccording to James, these phrases aim at triggering your man’s biological instinct to be a hero. In other words, every man has a need to be needed, especially by the woman he is with. These lines subconsciously put to motion the hero instinct in him.

Once you’ve triggered this biological drive in him, he will think of you as of a person he cannot live without. He will strive to fulfill your every wish and love you wholeheartedly. Reportedly, there is even a phrase which should help you win back your ex love. Simply put, these sentences should create a basis for a lasting and deep relationship.

You shouldn’t worry about sounding strange, though. James claims these phrases are “designed” to sound natural. Also, they should be suitable for usage both in person and over the phone.

Cost and Price Plans

James claims that the knowledge contained in his book is something that many women don’t have access to. At least not before they have paid thousands of dollars for relationship counseling.

So, at first, he thought it would be okay to put a price on his book equal to how much one couching session costs.

Yet, many women have decided to pass on the info he offers in his book just because they found the price to be too high.

Hence, he lowered the price by more than half. Moreover, for those who sit through his online presentation, he offers a special price. It’s only a quarter of the initial price.

Additionally, he has included a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee in his offer. This way you can be certain that your money is well spent.

Online Reviews/Complaints

The others online His Secret Obsession review speak mostly in favor of this relationship guide. The most appreciated feature is are the tips and their applicability. Reportedly, these can really be used on any possible relationship scenario but mostly in case you want to get the guy and make him addicted to you.

Also, PDF form allows access from any device, which comes in handy. Affordability and the money-back guarantee are also being praised. But, the greatest worth for those who have read the book lies in the communication advice they have found.

However, according some His Secret Obsession review, there have been a few problems which have emerged so far. There is only a PDF edition of the book. So, it’s a bit of a disappointment for those who like their books to be in tangible paper edition. The fact that it is a women-only read some reviewers also find somewhat problematic.


We hope you enjoyed His Secret Obsession Review. If you are unable to maintain a relationship and cannot understand what’s the reason behind it, this might be a good read. First of all, it should help you regain your self-confidence. Also, it should help you approach good looking men and relationships with them with more courage. All in all, it should give you a higher ground, help you regain control over your love life and make him addicted to you.

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