One thing we need to look at is the concept of attraction. You see, attraction will determine whether or not you get a date. The good news, though, is that women are more attracted to personality than they are looks. While looks do play a role, if you have the right personality traits, women will still be attracted to you even if you aren’t a Brad Pitt lookalike.

So, if your excuse until now has been that you aren’t rich, famous or Brad, then you need to realize that it’s only an excuse. While women may be attracted to the rich and famous, personality still wins out and if you have the confidence and humor that women love, then you will win every time, irrespective of the size of your bank account.

The even better news is that these are all things that can be learned, meaning that you can actually make yourself more attractive to women by cultivating the type of personality they would be attracted to.

If you are sputtering and mumbling that you shouldn’t have to change for a woman to be attracted to you and that she should like you for who you are, then wake up and take a whiff of reality because everyone has to change. We are all changing throughout our lives and we have two choices: we either let life mold us or we channel the change to benefit us.

However, just remember that attraction isn’t a choice. It’s not like a woman will see a guy and size him up, then tick of his qualities and suddenly decide “I choose to be attracted to him because he is stable, dependent and has a good job.” It simply doesn’t work that way because if it did then you probably wouldn’t need to read this book.

Attraction is quite biological, which means that if she isn’t attracted to you after the first date, then there is little you can do about it because you will never be anything more than a friend to her. No matter how many gifts you buy her or how many restaurants you take her to, she is not going to suddenly develop an attraction for you. You’re better off simply moving on.