What if I told you that your life is a series of choices? You probably would laugh at me. You probably would think that your life is not a choice.

You were born a certain way. You were born in a certain world. Obviously, this is not a world that you created.

In many cases, a lot of the consequences of your initial choices continue to haunt you to this very day. You might even be insulted at the suggestion that somehow some way you chose all the things that are happening in your life.

Unfortunately, moments of clarity, just like the truth, will often upset us or outrage us right before they liberate us. You have to understand that everything is a choice. Sure, nobody chooses that their house go up in flames. Nobody chooses to be dumped by their ex suddenly. Nobody chooses stage 4 cancer.

However, you can always choose how you respond. Believe it or not your response is actually more important than the state of your body, your finances, your career, your relationships, so on and so forth.

How you respond reflects your character. How you respond reflects your values. These are things that you can control. These can all be traced back to your thoughts. Do you actually believe that people who are very successful, rich, famous, beautiful are better than you?

Do you actually believe that they’re so fundamentally different from you that no matter how hard you try, no matter what you try, you would never ever be the same as them? Of course not. We all start from the same place. We all have the same hardware. The problem is the software that we choose to install.

If you look at your disadvantages, your past, your bad decisions and conclude from these that the best things in life are either behind you or are completely unavailable to you, you’re just playing a trick on yourself. This is mental clarity because we only differ in the software that we install. Guess what? That software is a choice.

This is why it’s really important to achieve a high degree of mental clarity because when you’re clear about everything that happens in your life and its consequences, you know what you’re dealing with.

This enables you to plan better. This enables you to respond better this enables you to map out the kind of life you feel you deserve. You’re no longer living your life for your parents. You’re no longer living somebody else’s reality. Instead, you are in control of your life.

This sense of control does not fall on your lap nor do you stumble over it. It’s something that you worked for. It is something that you intentionally desire and realize. To make all that happen, mental clarity is required.

The good news is mental clarity is not as hard as you think. It’s not as unavailable or elusive as you have imagined. In fact, using a fairly simple series of steps, you can unlock mental clarity.

Of course, at first, you’re going to be fumbling around. You’re probably going to be taking baby steps. But guess what? Baby steps forward still step forward. Go ahead and take them.