We are living in a Hookup Culture. Here are some Symptoms :

❌Keep looking at the online dating store for someone better.
❌Having too many options but emotional unavailability
❌Need for instant gratification.
❌Always waiting for the next best thing.
❌People are scared of another failed relationship.

There is too much fish in the sea but often not good quality. People look for what satisfies the immediate need or desire and forget to tend to their long-term happiness.

Women, especially have more options, even a menu of men available in online dating but often unrealistic expectations that tend to turn to a disappointment after the first few dating.

Even when they think they did find Mr. Right, chances are he has many options with women and he wants a weekly girlfriend with all the profits, and without any cost. No duties, no stress, no drama, no lies, no ties!
He wins, you lose.

Despite the hookup culture, women still dream about finding perfect love with an attractive genuine man, that will bring long-term happiness and security in their lives.

The issue is not about finding Mr. Right or having connection or chemistry with him. It about makes him commit to a long-term relationship.

The key to turn a casual dating with any guy even attractive guy with options to a committed relationship is to satisfy his needs in a way he can’t do it by his own.

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